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From Twitter 05-03-2011 [May. 4th, 2011|03:04 am]

  • Ha! Good job bleeding, @shibuyababy. Maybe @InkAmazon and I will give it another shot here soon.
  • @_DammitMan_ Yeah, the Australia round was pretty harsh. You guys were still mere points away from the money, though!
  • I am really digging @ruckawriter's Queen and Country series. Almost missed the last bus after my show reading the first volume.
  • Well, @mally64, @chasegallager, @beehls... The jury is out on fedoras and dragon shirts. (PRO TIP THE JURY IS NOT ACTUALLY OUT)
  • Thanks for coming out to my show, even if it was just to back Chase up. And Chase... good job.
  • @lionschmion Yeah, go us, huh?
  • Okay, no more writing for tonight. Need to get some rest since it's... Almost 6:00 am! #theheckdidthathappen
  • RT @sigelphoenix: Love the variety here. (NSFW for cupcake genitalia?) watchyourstep-.tumblr.com/post/4373050861/my-friend-made-... http ...
  • Woo! 500 tweets! It only took me... more than two years. #seansucksattwitter
  • RT @Brinstar: Any feminist/anti-oppression/intersectional #POC geeks interested in putting together a panel about POC + geekdom @ #GeekG ...

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